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Personal Injury
If you were injured in an accident, whether this was as a driver of a motor car, a passenger in a car, or  be it an accident at work etc  you may be able to recover compensation for your injury and other losses from the  third party who was responsible for the accident.

Your claim for compensation will consist of the following elements::

(i) the pain and suffering caused by your injuries (often referred to as 'general damages'); and

(ii) not being able to do certain things because of your injuries, e.g.  if you are no longer able to do gardening or play sport  etc; and

(iii) any earnings you have already lost and will lose in the future because of your injury; and

(iv) present expenses you incurred as a result of your injury, eg travelling to the doctor, medication charges, cost of equipment  if any, you need to use as a result of your injuries, and similarly  future expenses; and

(v) the cost or value of care you had to have and will need in the future because of your injury. You can claim for the cost of employing a professional, the loss of earnings of a friend or family member who provided care, or the value of that person’s help ('special damages').

It is also ways advisable that you should keep all receipts and invoices of your expenses nor matter how small, to be able to prove your claim.

Our dedicated staff throughout Sandhill Solicitors are experts in  dealing with the following injury claims:-

      Road Traffic Accident

      Injury at Work/Public Place

      Criminal Injuries

      Tripping Accidents

      Industrial  Diseases

      Dangerous Goods and Services

How long do I  have to bring a claim for personal injury?

In  general an adult has three years from the date of the alleged negligence to bring a claim. However, there are exceptions to this rule and the court has discretion to extend the period. The limitation period does not apply to children (here the three years will start on the 18th birthday) or to mental patients (someone unable to manage his affairs). So, in cases where children are severely brain damaged at birth, there is no time limit to the bringing of a claim.

What does 'No Win No Fee' mean?

It simply means that if you win your case you solicitor will deduct a percentage from your damages as well as any costs recovered from your opponent. The percentage that you pay will depend on the Conditional Fee Agreement that you have entered into. We at Sandhill Solicitors promise that you will keep 100% of your compensation unless it is a very complex case and we are unlikely to recover all of our costs from your opponent. However, if this was to be the case we will tell you from the onset of your instructions.

Do I need to go through a solicitor appointed by my  insurance company or  even a claims management company?

You do not have to instruct a solicitor appointed by your insurance company from their own panel. You  should always  in the first instance instruct a solicitor of your own choice. In this way you can be sure that you will receive  both professional and impartial advice from your legal representative.

With respect to claims management companies you should ask yourself why do I need the services of  a third party  when my  own solicitor will handle all the legal work on my behalf.  The simple answer is that you do not! They not only take a cut out of your compensation but  will also receive a referral fee from the solicitor concerned.  The solicitor will also  recover the referral fee from you  the client by way of a Conditional Fee Agreement. The client is often left with little or  no compensation.

Your solicitor at the first interview should always tell you that you need  not go via a claims management company. Whether the agreement that you have entered with the  claims management company is lawful. Please remember that the solicitor acting for you should make out  the  compensation cheque in your own name unless you instruct otherwise. You do not have to have the cheque  payable to the claims management company.  Remember that it is your money!

If you or member of your family  have been involved in a road traffic accident or accident at work etc  in the last three years and wish to make a claim then please contact us by phone for free and  complete